Michael Gerber MD, IAHHP

Gerber Medical Clinic

1225 Westfield Avenue

Reno, NV  89509 • 775-826-1900

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Gerber Medical Clinic provides exceptional solutions for restoring, building and maintaining optimal health. We provide advanced therapies from around the world with proven effectiveness in scientific studies and clinical applications. Every patient is unique and a healthcare program is tailored specifically for you.

During your first visit, Dr. Michael Gerber, M.D., H.M.D., will discuss your current health issues and long-term goals. He will review your medical history, diet, lifestyle, current supplements and medications. After traditional and integrative physical examinations, the doctor will order the appropriate laboratory testing.

With this information, Dr. Gerber will develop a strategy to address your chief concerns, optimize your overall health and strive to increase your longevity. His approach is to nurture, strengthen and detoxify your body in order to create a healthy internal environment.